Scientific review

Evaluate the status of public and private research on a topic of interest in digital agriculture

Digital agriculture is a growth market. Innovations, be it around the creation of a new acquisition system, or a new data processing method, are flourishing. For an actor involved in digital agriculture, it is not always simple to (i) position a new service or product in the existing ecosystem, or (ii) to simply now what exists, either in the research or private domain. After rigorous reviews of scientific literature (peer-review journals, conferences, reports), and contacts with experts from the field (public structures, private compagnies, freelance), Aspexit proposes you a state of the art on your innovation topic of interest



A synthesis of scientific literature and discussions with the identified experts




A linking with experts from the field which relate to the innovation topic 




An evaluation of the maturity of the innovation topic (Do operational solutions exist ? Is research on this topic totally new or already well-advanced).



Examples of reviews :

  • Accessible databases to train learning models in agriculture (parcel information, soil, climate, topography, production data…),
  • Digital Carbon Footprint in Agriculture,
  • Crop classification from temporal series of satellite images,
  • State of spraying in viticulture, with a focus on available digital tools to tackle this issue,
  • Cleaning and filtering of within-field yield monitor data.