6 January 2020


 Data Science services


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The amount of Precision Agriculture data is following an increasing trend. Aerial (satellites, UAV, drones), embedded (yield sensors, apparent soil electrical conductivity), or static (weather stations, sap-flow sensors) platforms are more and more present in agricultural farms. All this data has to be cleaned, processed and analysed to enhance the understanding and management of production systems. Aspexit makes use of its skills in Data Science and its network of experts (especially with agronomists, informaticians, geomaticians, statisticians) to help you process your Precision Agriculture data:


Development of methods and algorithms to process Precision Agriculture data




Custom analysis of agro-environmental data (spatial and statistical data analyses)




Exemples of services :

  • Development of an algorithm to filter outlying observations from yield mapping datasets.
  • Development of an algorithm to generate within-field zones in agricultural fields.
  • Implementation of interactive data-visualisation interfaces to display and process within-field yield monitor data.
  • Use of within-field yield maps to:
    • Cross-compare variable seeding rate and variety strategies per soil type 
    • Evaluate the opportunity of a variable rate application
  • Sensitivity analysis of a phosphorus and potassium agronomic preconisation model.
  • Characterization and evaluation of the sources of chlorophyll-content variability in banana leaves with an optical sensor.
  • Evaluation of the interest of data collected by a new hand-held or embedded sensor (exemple of the flowmeter system Picore) 
  • Evaluation of the interest of Sentinel 2 images to monitor vine vigor temporal dynamics.

RShiny interface to display and process within-field yield monitor data