4 January 2019

Share your needs !

Share your needs and mutualize costs !

If you work in the field of agro-environment, you certainly need tools and methods to exploit your spatial data. But do you think you are the only ones with these specific needs? Do you have the financial means to assume alone the costs of a particular development? We propose here to share your needs in order to put you in touch with actors having needs very close to yours, all this with a view to being able to co-construct and co-finance a development project! And you may be surprised by the typology of actors who may have the same needs as you. Development results can take many forms:

  • A QGIS plugin/extension, which can then be opened to the community
  • Interactive web interfaces – with mapping abilities or not – accessible from your browser
  • Processing chains developed in R or Python, which can be reused directly or integrated into your existing tools,
  • Handwritten summaries on a watch topic or an innovation topic

At Aspexit, we work as much as possible with open source tools, and we make sure that we develop tools that can be used completely independently by our clients.

Do not hesitate to share your needs!