28 October 2022

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Hi everyone!

I am an agronomist by training, and I specialized in the use of digital tools in agriculture. I have set up my own service activity where I bring together my interests in agriculture, digital, energy, environment, and climate

One of my activities is to write extended thematic files mixing all these themes of interest! The articles always have a digital prism; the main objective being to take a step back on the subject of digital in agriculture, to question the uses and the stakes of these technologies, and to give them a different view. I also very often link these articles to the energy and climate issues we are currently facing, a sign that they must be at the heart of all our reflections.

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Why am I on Tipeee?

I take great pleasure in writing these thematic files. My main objective is to share and popularize knowledge on complex and systemic subjects,

As you can imagine, this work takes me many hours. Between interviews, readings, and the writing of the files, I have a lot to do!

To continue to make these files available to as many people as possible, I need your support =)

Is there anything else besides blog posts?

In addition to these blog posts and for those who are interested, I invite you to discover our platform of digital tools in agriculture . This platform lists a large part of the digital tools applicable to agricultural production. This platform is :

  • open-source,
  • free and open access,
  • participative and collaborative,
  • perennial in time