Agritech’s Environmental footprint

Digital technologies are generally presented as a powerful lever for decarbonizing the agricultural sector, or even more broadly as tools to support agricultural transition(s), without always knowing what we’re going to put in them… A blind spot in this proposal, however, remains the carbon footprint of these digital tools themselves. Still barely mentioned in the Read more about Agritech’s Environmental footprint[…]

Water management and digital technologies in agriculture

After a first generalized focus on carbon and a second on biodiversity, it looks like water will be the next guest on the podium. A United Nations conference on water was held in New York at the end of March 2023 (the last one was held 50 years ago) to mark World Water Day. The Read more about Water management and digital technologies in agriculture[…]

Towards a classification of digital tools in agriculture

A white paper to classify digital tools in agriculture 🤔 How do you categorize digital technologies in agriculture? To tell you the truth, it’s a bit of a puzzle. Categorizing 10, 20 or even 50 tools – that’s still okay, we get by. When you start to get to 500, 1000 or even 1500, it’s Read more about Towards a classification of digital tools in agriculture[…]

Connected weather stations in arboriculture

Everyone talks about weather stations, but it’s not easy to know where the market really stands. There are many station suppliers, the data sources are very varied, and the economic models associated with weather stations are of all kinds: sale of stations, station rentals, sale/rental to distributors, subscription to a station network, shared access to Read more about Connected weather stations in arboriculture[…]

Digital & Beekeeping: promises for beekeeping production and environmental biomonitoring

Bzz, Bzz! The bee is THE great national cause of the year 2022 in France ! Yes, it is, I swear. The bee was in the spotlight but you certainly didn’t know about it… The latest IPBES reports on biodiversity (please tell me you’ve at least heard of this acronym) are, without much surprise, ever Read more about Digital & Beekeeping: promises for beekeeping production and environmental biomonitoring[…]

The reasoning of nitrogen fertilization by digital tools: a rather fragile love affair

In 1913, Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch developed the Haber-Bosch process to industrialize the production of ammonia, which, in addition to its terrible use in the development of explosives during the First World War, was also used to synthesize nitrogen fertilizers for agricultural fertilization. For some, the massive use of nitrogen fertilizers will have saved Read more about The reasoning of nitrogen fertilization by digital tools: a rather fragile love affair[…]

Robotics in the field: where are we and where are we going?

Oh my god, we’re going to talk about robotics! Finally, an article where we can talk about technological innovation, agricultural (r)evolution – because the parenthesis around the “r” is super important – and the third way of agriculture! Yippee! So if this article doesn’t make the buzz, I don’t understand anything anymore! Too bad, spoiler Read more about Robotics in the field: where are we and where are we going?[…]

Panorama of agricultural robotics

Missed the Aspexit infographics? In preparation for my next dossier on agricultural robotics, here are two infographics on the robotics ecosystem in agriculture Terrestrial robots in plant production Robots in animal production These infographics have been built from the tools available on the directory of digital tools for agricultural production. Come and contribute to this Read more about Panorama of agricultural robotics[…]

Agrivoltaism – solar power to conquer agriculture?

I am of anthropic origin, very little is said about me, and everyone is convinced that they understand me perfectly. What am I? Climate change, of course! All the energy transition scenarios for 2050 in France (ADEME, RTE, negaWatt) assume a relatively large – if not exclusive – share of renewable energy in the French Read more about Agrivoltaism – solar power to conquer agriculture?[…]

Agricultural weather insurance undergoing reform

For most of us, insurance is not a very sexy subject to begin with; it makes many people cringe! I don’t know many people who enjoy contacting their insurer – except when something goes wrong – or dealing with their insurance contracts. But we still have a more or less close relationship with the insurance Read more about Agricultural weather insurance undergoing reform[…]