Panorama of agricultural robotics

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In preparation for my next dossier on agricultural robotics, here are two infographics on the robotics ecosystem in agriculture

  • Terrestrial robots in plant production
  • Robots in animal production

These infographics have been built from the tools available on the directory of digital tools for agricultural production. Come and contribute to this platform. Many have already done so, so why not you!

If some robot builders want to exchange ideas before the release of my robotics dossier, it is still possible. You can contact me privately,

Sorry for the French but the names of the robots do not change between French and English. Don’t worry, the next dossier will also be available in English =)

Translation by turning clockwise from the top : Récolte (Harvesting), Semis (Sowing), Stockage (Storage), Surveillance Inspection (Monitoring-Inspection), Taille (Pruning), Tonte (Mowing), Travail du sol (Tillage), Triage (Sorting), Déplacement objets ou personnes (Moving objects or people), Désherbage (Weeding), Echantillonnage (Sampling), Eclaircissage (Thinning), Fertilisation (Fertilisation), Eclaircissage (Leaf removal), Epamprage (Shoot thinning), Itinéraire cultural (Crop itinerary), Phénotypage (Phenotyping), Pollinisation (Pollination), Protection des cultures (Crop protection)

The agricultural activities are normally clear enough for you to find your way around. The “Crop itinerary” category includes robots that can intervene throughout the crop cycle, mainly tool carriers and autonomous tractors.

Translation by turning clockwise from the top : Alimentation (Feeding), Nettoyage (Cleaning), Paillage (Mulching), Repousse-fourrage (Forage Movement), Santé et Bien-Etre (Health and Wellness), Traite (Milking)

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