Launch of our platform for referencing digital tools in agriculture

It is with great pleasure that we officially launch the first version of our free open-source platform that references digital tools in agriculture! We really enjoyed working on this platform and we tried to put our philosophy into it as much as possible. For those who have been able to accompany us in the past, Read more about Launch of our platform for referencing digital tools in agriculture[…]

Limites des standards et de l'intéropérabilité en agriculture

Standards and data exchange in agriculture

All of our sciences and fields of work abound with norms, standards, and exchange formats. Agriculture is no exception to this (you will find in the appendix a list of organizations and institutions closely or remotely involved in standardization in agriculture). We need to exchange, collaborate, share data and information, so we need to speak Read more about Standards and data exchange in agriculture[…]

Reflecting on the carbon footprint of digital technologies in the AgTech and Precision Agriculture sectors

The International Society for Precision Agriculture (ISPA), proposed a definition of Precision Agriculture in 2019 following exchanges between 45 scientists from around the world: “Precision Agriculture is a management strategy that collects, processes and analyzes spatial, temporal and individual data, and combines them with other information to guide adaptive management decisions related to the plant Read more about Reflecting on the carbon footprint of digital technologies in the AgTech and Precision Agriculture sectors[…]

Le géo positionnementven agriculture

Geo-positioning in agriculture

As you are no doubt aware, geo-positioning has been a particularly powerful lever for many agricultural applications and crop itineraries. But are you clear on the extent of geo-positioning systems, tools and methods? If you’re French, you should be crazy about abbreviations – so hang on : GPS, GNSS, EGNOS, DOP, TTF, SBAS, LBAS, WAAS, Read more about Geo-positioning in agriculture[…]

Working with high-resolution data in precision agriculture

Precision Agriculture is a data-based discipline; data that is collected to measure, describe, quantify, understand, or analyze agrosystems. A wide variety of measurement systems have been developed to measure agronomic parameters of interest, from plant vegetation status to crop yield, including weed detection and soil physico-chemical parameters. These increasingly sophisticated systems make it possible to Read more about Working with high-resolution data in precision agriculture[…]

Producing profitability maps from yield maps?

In spite of the emulation around precision agriculture and digital agriculture in France, it is clear that these tools and solutions are not yet widespread in the field. Some recent statistics from the French observatory of digital uses in agriculture can testify to this: less than 10% of farmers used variable-rate tools in 2018, as few Read more about Producing profitability maps from yield maps?[…]

Filtering – Cleaning Yield Maps

In the previous post, a fairly general picture of yield sensors and associated data was drawn. Here we return to a recurring question related to yield data: How can we ensure that yield data are reliable enough to be used properly? We will therefore review the main sources of uncertainty in these data sets; and Read more about Filtering – Cleaning Yield Maps[…]

Yield maps in Precision Agriculture

This post should have been published a long time ago, especially since it was the subject of my thesis. It’s now done… First of all, one might ask why a thesis work was proposed on yield data when yield sensors have been around since the 1990s? First, it is clear that yield information is in Read more about Yield maps in Precision Agriculture[…]

Precision Agriculture in all intimacy

Ah, Precision Agriculture! We hear about it all the time right now. Agriculture 4.0 (I don’t even know what number we’re at anymore), super precise machines, connected sensors….. Digital technologies and innovations create a buzz in agriculture (Note: Sprinkle it all with a little bit of Big Data, Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence to shine Read more about Precision Agriculture in all intimacy[…]