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Data processing and analysis

Data Science services with a network of experts to process and analyze your Precision Agriculture data

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Scientific and technical reviews

A state of the art and an assessment of the maturity of your technical and scientific questions in Precision Agriculture

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Tailor-made training and teaching courses

Tailor-made training courses with free tools (QGIS, R, GeoFIS…) to manipulate your Precision Agriculture data

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Support and follow-up of projects

A personalized support on your strategy and Precision Agriculture projects

Farmers, Cooperatives, Technical and Research centers, Agricultural Manufacturers, Sensors and Imagery providers....

You all generate agricultural data; Let's look together on how to make value out of it to enable a clear decision-making and concrete actions in the field.

About Aspexit

Data Science for Precision Agriculture
Process, Analyse and Make value of your data

The number of actors involved in the collection of agronomic data for monitoring agrosystems is extremely large. Farmers, cooperatives, technical and research centres, agricultural manufacturers, sensor and imaging suppliers; all generate knowledge on agricultural plots thanks to their expertise, field experiments or the use of sensor tools (static, on-board or flying platforms)

Alone, this raw data is often not that meaningful nor useful. This latter must be placed in a particular production context, exploited and processed by high-performance and tailor-made algorithms, and absolutely discussed with the actors concerned (farmers, advisors, cooperatives, etc.). The main objective is to transform this raw data into intelligible and relevant information to enable clear decision-making and concrete action on the ground. The discovery of knowledge from these data is certainly interesting, but these data will only be taken seriously by agricultural actors if it is demonstrated that they bring significant value and gain to the production system, whether at technical, logistical, economic, environmental or social levels.

Aspexit is driven by a real desire to generate concrete decisions and actions on the ground, to work with multidisciplinary approaches (agronomy, pedology, computer science, geomatics, statistics...) and to create links between public and private actors in the agricultural sector. Aspexit offers a range of services to help agricultural sector actors to exploit and enhance their Precision Agriculture data to transform the raw data collected into information and decision layers.

Birth of Aspexit

After several experiences in public structures (CITRA, Landcare Research, Montpellier SupAgro, IRSTEA) and private companies (Telespazio, SMAG) in the analysis and processing of spatialized agronomic data, I decided to create my company to support the actors of digital agriculture in the valorisation of their agronomic data. I would like to be able to make a significant contribution to ensuring that the raw data collected is used in practice for decision-making purposes in the field.

Corentin LEROUX

Ingénieur-Docteur en Agriculture de Précision
Jeune docteur passionné par le traitement et la valorisation de données agricoles

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