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To improve a system, you have to measure it !

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Deploy your digital services in Precision Agriculture
Measure, Analyse, Understand

NO, Precision Agriculture is not just for the rich!

YES, one can enormously improve one's practices with sober and frugal digital technologies!

NO, digital technology is not necessarily evil incarnate!

YES, I too am fed up with solely hearing about Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Block Chain.

NO, Precision Agriculture is not necessarily economically profitable (well, not until we put a price on the resources used and give sufficient financial incentives for environmental services rendered).

YES, the digital must serve agronomy and field expertise and must not and cannot replace them.


Après plusieurs expériences dans des structures publiques (CITRA, Landcare Research, Montpellier SupAgro, IRSTEA) et des entreprises privées (Telespazio, SMAG) en analyse et traitement de données agronomiques spatialisées, j’ai décidé de créer ASPEXIT pour accompagner les acteurs de l'écosystème agricole à déployer des services numériques en agriculture

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